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Iframe Resizer

Component used to resize an iframe at the screen when the window is loaded and automatically update it when the iframe height dynamically changes.

Inspired in https://github.com/davidjbradshaw/iframe-resizer/

How to use

  • Make sure to include and load the file below into your page or project: <script defer src="{{ static("js/ca_styleguide_iframe_resizer.js") }}"></script>
  • Include the .js-resizable-iframe class on the iframe that needs to be dinamically resized. To work properly the iframe needs to have a width(100% as recommended value) and start with the `ca-transp` class. <iframe style="width: 100%" src="icons" class="js-resizable-iframe ca-transp"></iframe>
  • If the iframe that needs to be dinamically resized it's already on the page when the script starts the Iframe Resizer will automatically work.
  • If the iframe that needs to be dinamically resized it's not on the page when the script starts or the iframe url is totally reloaded, you can listen to a custom event com.consumeraffairs.styleguide.iframeResizer that needs to be dispatched. var event = new CustomEvent('com.consumeraffairs.styleguide.iframeResizer'); document.dispatchEvent(event);


Increase and decrease the iframe height adding a lorem paragraph to it and removing it using the Add and Remove buttons.

Or Change the window size to see the iframe being automatically resized!

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