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SVG Icons

These are the icons that we use in the site and they're available to be used in multiple projects by including them without having to embed the whole code inlined.

How can I have them available in my repo?

There are multiple ways of including the icons to use them in your repo, these are a couple of ways:

  • Add the directory in which the icons are located (inside node_modules) to the settings.py by adding a new path to TEMPLATES.DIRS to have access in Django templates.

  • Another way is to use gulp to relocate the files from the module and include them into a folder that django can have access to, in the main repo you can see an example on dep-relocate.js and gulpfile.js

After doing one of these methods you should be able to get the icons with an include.

Including the icons

  • Select the project in which the icon will be used.
  • Click over the icon that you want and you'll get a snippet to insert the icon below.

    Logo + Shields



    Big icons/illustrations


    Social/Third party logos


    Content icons

    To change the color of the icon use the class:

    Or use the code snippet: